Long Winter


Long Winter is Toronto's essential all­-ages, pay-what-you-can inter-­arts series that takes place throughout the winter months. Founded in 2012, Long Winter has been producing concerts, art exhibitions, residencies, and festivals to enrich the Toronto art scene during the more difficult months of the year. 

When creating graphics for Long Winter, I put my energy into creating fun and interesting illustrations. Drawing from my fine arts background and to keep in the spirit of Long Winter, I use these opportunities to create new artworks for the organization's posters.



Drüp Fruit


Drüp Fruit is a small farm based in Quebec. They specialize in super fruits and berries uncommon to North American Grocery stores. They create delicious and unique prepared foods including chutneys, honey, teas, and black garlic.

This client tasked me with defining the branding of their products and creating labels for their line of chutneys.


What It Is

  • Fun
  • Elegant
  • Clear/Transparent

What It Isn't

  • Old
  • Abstract
  • Chaotic




Using Format