Maya Skarzenski


Toronto/Ottawa based interdisciplinary artist

Curriculum Vitae


2020, BFA Drawing and Painting + Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Minor , OCAD University, Toronto

Online Exhibitions

2021, Salon 15, Propeller Gallery, Online

2021, Unlimited Dada, Propeller Gallery, Online

2021, Grad Ex 105, OCADU, Online

2020, Off the Screen, Propeller Gallery

2020, DRAWING & PAINTING CLASS OF 2020 GRADEX105 SHOW, Propeller Gallery

2020, Art in the Time of Coronavirus

Selected Shows

2021, Keep It Alive at Gallery 1313, Toronto

2021, Collective Experience at Propeller Gallery, Toronto

2020, When I Touch You  at OCADU, Toronto

2020, Festival of the Body at OCADU, juried show, Toronto

2020, Art Prom at OCADU, Toronto

2019, Creature Comfort at Dorothy H Hoover Library, Toronto

2018, C.H.U.D. at OCADU, Toronto

2018, Saturate at Beaver Hall, Toronto

2017, Punk Circus at Smiling Buddha, Toronto

2017, Food Print at OCADU, Toronto

2016, Salon of Inclusiveness at Black Cat Artspace, Toronto

2016, OCADU Pop-up at Yorkville Village Arts Festival, Toronto

2016, Viscous, Anniversary Gallery at OCADU, Toronto

2016, Skin Condition, Solo Exhibition, Gladwin Studio, Ottawa

2016, First Year Student Exhibition, juried show, OCAD University, Toronto

2014, Solo Exhibition, Gladwin Studio, Ottawa

2013, Summer Student exhibition, Emily Carr University, Vancouver


2021, Long Winter Season 9 Episode 3, Co-Curator

2021, Long Winter Season 9 Episode 2, Co-Curator

2020, Long Winter Season 9 Episode 1, Co-Curator

2019, Symbiosis at OCAD University, Curator, Toronto

2016, South-Division Art Show at Campus Co-op, Curator, Toronto

Awards and Grants

2020, Mrs. W. O. Forsyth Award - Recipient

2020, OCADU Career Launcher Fund - Recipient

2019, Partial X OCADU Career Launcher - Recipient


Ongoing, Akin Studio Program, Auto BLDG, Toronto


2021, PACE Magazine, Issue VIII, Ottawa, print

2020, 105 Drawing and Painting Catalogue, OCAD University, Toronto, print

2018, The Could Nots and Has Beens, art book

2017, August, "Maya Skarzenski," Dissolving Film Mag, web

2017, June, "Dermiscapes," The Humming Magazines, web

2017, January, "Bow," Amaize Mag, web

2016, June/July issue, The Candy Zine, web

Artist Statement

Maya Skarzenski is an interdisciplinary artist fusing together painting, textiles, and photography. Her work explores the intersections between the abject and the beautiful. Through the use of material exploration and by incorporating unusual process combinations, she dissolves the line between fine-art and craft. Painting and textile techniques allow Skarzenski to create bodily imagery that is sensual, fragile, playful, and ambiguous. Her work salvages beauty from the fear and unease in relation to the human body. She regards the body as something apart from the self. Her work investigates the body dismembered and reconstructed as landscapes, new creatures, and as objects of ornamentation.

Skarzenski is active in the Toronto art community through organizing exhibitions, facilitating art events, and by being a part of group and juried shows. Skarzenski is very passionate about DIY art spaces and creating tactile works that break away from gallery conventions.

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